Monday, June 29, 2009

More fiber fun!!

Icelandic locks , originally uploaded by MunchkinPunchkin.

Got my Icelandic locks from eXtreme Spinning. She even threw in a hand dyed mulberry silk sample which is heavenly.

Now, I just have to figure out how to tailspin with a smallish orifice. Might be an excuse to buy a jumbo flyer.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

One more thing for the Tour

Silver Shetland, originally uploaded by MunchkinPunchkin.

I want to n-ply these for future scarfy projects

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Natchwoolie, you need to buy something!

Go to the Natchwoolie Etsy shop. Now.

Everything in the store that is red, white or blue is 25% off. Every item you purchase on sale or not gives you a another entry in the giveaway so fill up your carts! Clubs are not included in this sale, but will count as an entry in the giveaway.

TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT AND ENTRY - simply write 500 in the notes area of your paypal

First prize is a luxurious 4.4 ounce natural white silk brick, current value $22, Second prize is 4 ounces of beautiful blue columbia wool top, current value $10 and and Third prize is 2 ounces of red firestar. Contest and sale ends midnight CST July 5th and drawing will be held on Monday July 6th.

I ran right over and ordered some mohair and mohair/wool blend because I haven't tried mohair yet. I can't wait to get it!!

Phat Fiber Love

I am in the process of switching my favourites from my lilbadger/shortsleeves Etsy account to the Munchkin Punchkin Etsy account and I'm glad that I was reminded about Hampton Artistic Yarns (H.A.Y.). Deb has some incredible stuff! Check out her store!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

My Teams

Aside from being a Rookie this year, I am part of Team Phat Fiber, Team eXtreme Spinning, Team Serendipity, and Team Should be Committed!

My Tour de Fleece Booty

Alright. This is what I have to spin during the Tour... (I'm expecting more to be delivered before and during the tour)

Lavender Hedgerow by Greenwood Fiberworks
4oz Merino in Lavender Hedgerow from Greenwood Fiberworks

White Shetland
16 oz Shetland in white from Storeybook's Spinning a Yarn

Silver Shetland
8oz Shetland in silver from Storeybook's Spinning a Yarn

Bay Black Alpaca with Chartreuse and Sky Blue Silk
100g Bay Black Alpaca with Chartreuse and Sky Blue Silk from Brier Run Alpacas

White Alpaca with Turquoise Silk
100g White Alpaca with Turquoise Silk from Brier Run Alpacas

Ashford 80% Merino 20% silk
50g Ashford 80% Merino 20% silk in Pomegranate and Saffron

Unhappy Me
This 50g compressed mess of Merino from Fleece Artist.

Kool Aid Dyed Milk Fiber
Just under a lb of milk, dyed by me with Koolaid

Mill Ends
1 lb each SW Merino mill ends in black and crimson, purchased from The Black Lamb.

60% Seacell, 40% Silk
57g in total of 60% Seacell, 40% Silk, purchased from The Black Lamb

Silk Hankies
Silk hankies in "Sea and Sand" purchased at Gemini Fibres.

Tour de Fleece Intro

Started knitting Aug 2008. Got bored of the yarns available to me and found Etsy, and through that, found the Phat Fiber Box. This led me down the slippery slope.

My Mom got me a drop spindle set (one top whorl, one bottom whorl, some handpainted roving and some “practice” roving) in April 2009, a full month before my birthday. My first Phat Fiber Box came the day after the drop spindles did.

I was hooked. Or spun. Whatever.

End of May, I got my first wheel. A Kromski Sonata. It goes room to room with me (wherever the 7 month old with the curious fingers isn’t) and I try to spin every night. Of course, it’s tough to find that time with the baby, my full time job AND running our business (housekeeping is pretty low on the list of importance), but that will be my challenge.

So my goals:

* spin every day of the tour
* get the yarns done that I need for holiday gifts
* my big challenge will be either taking on the silk hankies that seem to be my nemesis or to spin up the other slippery stuff I have on my table mocking me.