Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Update and GIVEAWAY!!

It's been busy in Munchkin Punchkin Land! Being a "full time and then some" WAHM and helping to run our boxing club, as well as running Munchkin Punchkin makes very little "family time". We remedied that yesterday when we both took a day off everything and brought Quinn to Monkey Town.

Monkey Town is this awesome indoor playground and it has lots of soft play areas, jungle gyms, a toddler roller coaster, dramatic play areas...it's just an incredible place to bring your kid when it's overcast or too cold to play outside.

We are mourning the passing of a dear Uncle this Thanksgiving, so that put a bit of a dark cloud on the day off, as well as my concern for a cousin in the hospital, but watching Quinn have so much fun really helped.

In other news, I'm taking on the whole "sock knitting" thing (in all that free time I have, haha), and have taught myself Magic Loop, am working through one of Cookie A's patterns, and using a Flat Feet blank.

The verdict? Magic Loop is TEH WIN! It's a little finicky but it's so much easier than multiple DPNs and I haven't had stitches go flying off my needles yet. Cookie's pattern is easy to read, and I love the learning format of this book. One day I'd love to design socks. She makes me feel like I can! The Flat Feet wool is good...it's convenient to not have a ball to chase after but the kinkiness of the wool when unravelling it makes it a little hard to handle the way that I hold my yarn. It's knitting up beautifully, no sign of kinks or anything, it's just in the handling of it between the blank and the knitting.

So we have a little giveaway coming up...keep your eyes open for the information in the October Phat Fiber box! Details will be posted here soon. I'm very excited about this giveaway!

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