Friday, July 29, 2011

Meal Plan - Week of July 31 - August 6

So, I have started a "Home Management Binder". Inside, I have (so far) the monthly calendars to the end of this year (with birthdays and community events marked down), contact numbers (including family, doctors, insurance providers, and the people we pay every month), cleaning (with one checklist in it so far...the declutter list), and finally, a tab for meal planning.

I plan to put my (otherwise scribbed onto a scrap of paper and stuck to the fridge) organized meal plan in the binder, with printouts of the recipes.

So here is what we have on the plate (see what I did there?) for dinner this coming week:

Sunday: Roasted Salmon Salad
Monday: Sirloin Burgers with Roasted Garlic and Rosemary
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken & Peach Salad
Wednesday: Grilled BLT on an everything bagel (with cream cheese, made like this), cottage cheese (to boost the protein) and sweet peppers
Thursday: Baked Falafel and Couscous with tomato and cuke

And for snacks...Energy Bites (thanks to my friend Sherri for bringing it to my attention)

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