Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Nothing fancy to report...

Last night, Don was away at supper, so Quinn and I just had pierogies (and I had a salad). Unfortunately, they were the frozen kind. If you've ever had proper, fresh made pierogies, you know that the frozen ones just don't live up to those, but they are fast and easy to make. photos today. It was a pretty boring and unimaginative (but practical) meal.

One of my friends asked about my photographs. She wanted to know if I staged them. Usually, no, I don't (though I have brought one dish down to my light box to shoot it, but I didn't do anything fancy to it). the time the food is ready to be eaten, I'm hungry and want to eat. Truth be told, I usually photograph Don's plate because mine usually looks like a pile of slop, but I don't make any special adjustments to it just to photograph it.

I usually have to be quick, because Don is generally standing there, just off camera, asking "Are you finished yet?"

At least I know he likes my cooking!

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Zombie Queen said...

Do you have a homemade perogie recipe? Sadly, I've only had the frozen kind... :'(