Friday, September 3, 2010

This is the post where I admit my food sucked

Last night I tried a new was a really nice macaroni and cheese with spinach and proscuitto. The mozzarella on top was all melty and brown, the sauce was nice and creamy...mmmmm.

Holy crap, was it salty! Don says that other than the saltiness, it was tasty. I was too disappointed to agree.

I made a point to undersalt the sauce, knowing there was parmesan in there and there was going to be proscuitto added to it before it baked. What I forgot about was the pasta.

See, I salt my water (as one should unless they have dietary restrictions) "like the sea". The recipe calls for draining the pasta but for 1 cup of pasta water. The starch in the water would help bind with the thick sauce, and make it perfect and creamy and help it cling to the pasta.

No problem, except I didn't factor in the salt levels in the pasta water and that resulted in a nearly inedible meal.

Sucks, that. But you know, the recipe itself has potential. I'll try it again in a while and make a few adjustments.

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