Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick and Easy...Szechuan Stir Fry

See, not everything I make is fancy pants! Some nights I just want to throw something together and hang out with Quinn, or get some knitting in.

Last night, was one of those nights.


We have some beef in the freezer that I wanted to cook up. I thawed it, cut it thinly and browned it in a frying pan with some chopped mushrooms.

Pulled a bag of frozen "Asian veggies" from the ice box, stir fried them up in a wok, added the meat, and poured in some bottled sauce.

Yeah, I said it...bottled sauce.

Some days you just need a break.

I put the whole mess over some brown and red rice that I'd cooked up and called it a meal.

The sweater in the background is the Parfait Tunic from the talented Heather Dixon of Army of Knitters.

I'm almost to starting the sleeves and I'm so anxious to complete this sweater so I can wear it!


Anonymous said...

Food AND knitting! Now you're talking.

Any chance of some hot, cake, action?

Jacy said...

Now you're talkin! Cake? Knitting?

Actually, two nights ago I made some sweet rolls, but I wasn't happy with how they turned out so I'm not sharing that recipe until I perfect it :)

I love sweets!!