Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Alright, I'm back!

After a few days of "relaxing" at the cottage (anyone who has a baby knows this just doesn't happen), we're back and raring to go. I brought my wheel and, thanks to Don, was able to carve out some time to spin.

Catching up...

Day 4

Plyed the milk that I dyed with Koolaid.

2ply milk fibre dyed with Koolaid

Day 5

Spun eXtreme Spinning's "Iris" shetland single.

Shetland Top from eXtreme Spinning


eXtreme Spinning's "Iris" shetland

Iris and the Dock

Day 6

Plyed "Iris"

2 ply "Iris"

eXtreme Spinning's "Iris" shetland

Day 7

Spun pewter sw Merino from The Black Lamb.

Pewter merino

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