Friday, July 3, 2009

Mailing List, Tour de Fleece and Store Update

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I have a whole lot of fiber to spin for the Tour de Fleece and I want to get started.


I have dyes and sample products winging their way to me. They didn't come today so maybe early next week. I'll be going up to Port Hope next weekend to pick up some fibre to see if it's what I want to sell. I'll have to dye it, spin it, knit up a sample, wash it a few times, and see if it's good enough to be stamped with the Munchkin Punchkin's face.

I need to print up a bunch of business cards, and think about a few strategies. I need to find a supplier of natural yarn that I like, preferably Canadian sourced. I really need to move stuff downstairs because it's taking over the kitchen and living room. I'll have to scour yard sales for a few more pots, bowls and crock pots, as well as drying racks. My Father is making me a drying table.

I need to find an old drafting lamp to finish off my photo/light table and set it up downstairs. I also need to buy a bunch more wire "cubes" for storage.


I have to find a place to get packing materials at a good price, and somehow still manage time to work my full time (plus) job, take care of Quinn and run the boxing club.

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