Friday, July 17, 2009

Tears of Joy

Quinn just took two unassisted steps. He did it last night for Don (while I was cooking dinner) but tonight he did it 3 times in front of me. He's way too young for that!

I finished my spinning for the Tour de Fleece today. It was made up of mill ends that weren't even good enough to be sold as mill ends that I got for free. I think it looks great and am considering buying more mill ends in those colours to make a whole proper hank of it.

3ply sw merino

I also finished my first roving dye job. It's 8oz of superwash merino in shades of lemon, lime and turquoise. I call it "Mood Ring" because it reminds me of a ring I used to have. I can't wait to spin it.

Mood Ring by Munchkin Punchkin

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