Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Yesterday we had an awesome day at Niagara Falls. Munchkin Punchkin had fun while we were there, but the ride home was a little bit difficult. I am sure he can't wait to be able to see out the windows. Then, maybe, longer trips won't be such a bother.

I hand carded 2 oz of Merino/Cashmere in the sunniest colour I could muster. I called it "Sunshiny Day" and it was a custom order for my Mom.

Sunshiny Day

I also wanted to share a swatch of "Briar Rose and the Little Prick"...the sample we're sending in for the September Phat Fiber box.

Briar Rose and the Little Prick

I love the way the "blood stains" go a nice coppery colour once spun up. It's so soft and easy to spin, this Merino/Nylon blend!

I have a 4oz bit of shetland in the steamer right now and it's about time to turn it off and let it cool for the night.

I hear my bed calling me.

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