Friday, July 17, 2009

Rainy Day Update

Busy, busy, busy with work, but wanted to update before I forgot all the fun stuff I want to talk about.

  • Updated the look of the blog using a free template. There are a bunch of things I want to adjust, and I will (when I have more time).

  • Spun up some of the Camel Top I bought. Couldn't figure out why the heck it was so rough, like sisal. Then I *read* the bag and realized I have 2 bags full of Low Camel Top, which is basically just stiff hairs in a roving. Great for a rug, if that was my intention. Maybe I'll list it in the shoppe later. I'm sure someone can use it.

  • Took Munchkin Punchkin out to play in the rain this morning. He was still in his sleeper, and I was going to have to change him and wash it anyway...why not let it get wet? It's important to us that he enjoys the outdoors, and what better way to foster a healthy love for all types of weather then to go out and play in it? He had fun splashing around on the deck, but it is unseasonably cool and I didn't want him to catch a chill. We came in and I dried him off and changed him into warm clothes, and he spend the next 20 minutes "telling" his toys how much fun he had. At least I think that's what he was saying.

  • I've been invited, by a lovely member of a local guild, to spin at the John R. Park Homestead in August for the Blueberry Festival. I don't have all the details, but thankfully we are free so Don can bring Quinn out and I can spend the day spinning my brains out. That was good news.

  • Tour Update: I'm currently spinning some random blobs of roving. Really, that's what it is, just blobs. It's like mill ends that are so messed up they can't even be sold as mill ends plus discount. I plan to spin something awesome with them. Stay tuned...if I can find time to spin today and tomorrow.

  • And finally, perhaps the most exciting of my news, I dyed my first roving last night. I decided to dye the superwash merino to limit my risk of messing it up too badly. With Don's help, I chose turquoise, chartreuse and yellow and it's currently drying. Roving all wet looks like a horrid clumpy mess. I can't wait for it to dry so I can fluff it back up a bit and photograph it! It was pretty labour intensive, since I have limited space and don't have everything in one spot (can't wait to have a workshop!) but I did it. And I'm damned proud of myself. We'll see how it worked out and maybe I'll have stuff up in the shop sooner than later.

Back to work I later I'm sure.

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