Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Today's Phat Giveaway

A giant gorgeous skein of handspun from It's a Colorful Life!

Here's one of the products in her Etsy shop...

Isn't this gorgeous?? All of her colourways are equally as beautiful.


mamakin said...

I fell in love with the same colorway!
Jacy, we'll be carving out our time together on this one!. I'm sort of getting it but it makes me nuts when I can't get it somewhat even & since my kids love socks, I'm aiming for thin yarn - worse case scenario I figure is a scarf or hat lol. So I just want even. I've got a few spindles now-Silver Sun Alpacas has a great deal with 3 of them (each a diff size...cuz as we all know, size matters lol) for about $25 for the set & she sent me a sample of unbelievable white bamboo top that's out of this world. It's worth a look if you're into spindles. I'm liking it cuz I can try diff fibers on diff spindles without having the agony of thinking I have to fill the spindle before I can try something new.
And isn't it interesting how all this fabulous fiber is popping up all over now *sigh*
I've got 15 mins to be up so I'm going to spin-I'll be thinking of you

Jacy said...

I love rainbows!
I'll have to check out the SSA Spindles. Since you've recently checked out the cost of spinning wheels, I should probably NOT buy any more spinning hardware. I have one top whorl and one bottom whorl. I have a top whorl on its way to me from a freecycler that has to be finished and I'm giving it to my sister.

I got a little spinning in while MP was asleep. A jump start on the fibre I just got from BohoKnitChic. My aim is really thin. I figure if I say "really thin", it can be interpreted different ways so when it's done and plied, whatever thickness it is will be perfect.
Enjoy your 15 minutes of spinning, and remember, never put a sock in the toaster.