Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tour de Fleece: Day 1

Ok, so it's 45 minutes after midnight. The tour technically starts today. I have a busy day ahead (when I wake up) and with all the hubub, I'm sure I won't have a ton of time to spin, so I took advantage of MP's sleepy time and spun some merino I had in my stash.

I'm anxious to get all my bobbins cleared so I can spin those gorgeous Beach Glass batts from Giffordables (and yes, I know those will be lumpy a bit, lol - *that* I expect so I'll spin accordingly).

Chiro tomorrow (thank goodness!) then we're taking Willow to lunch for her birthday (to Mongolian Grill, yum!). We'll check out some car lots so Don can do the test drive thing and then head home. I have work to do this weekend, unfortunately. Maybe I'll save that for Sunday.

Update: 8:30pm

Day 1: Merino, originally uploaded by MunchkinPunchkin.

I have about an ounce and a half to complete this braid and I plan to ply it with another braid from this artist. I might just N-ply it...haven't decided.

I hope to have a little time tonight to finish this one up. It was a LONG day :)

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