Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Appreciation: eXtreme Spinning

In the few months that I have been a part of the Phat Fiber community, I have "met" and purchased from some really incredible people. I'm going to try to write an appreciation thread for the people who I really...well...appreciate.

Those who have the pleasure of knowing CJ, the artist behind eXtreme Spinning, will tell you how amazing she is. When you buy from CJ, you can buy in good conscience. The products in her shop are dyed organically, and she seems to like supporting her local farms and processors. She knows what it takes to raise fiber bearing animals, having experienced it first-hand, and obviously holds her fiber suppliers to the same high standards.

It was through her that I learned about the horrific practice of mulesing. For those who don't know, mulesing is the process of cutting loose skin away from the buttocks of a very young lamb, and it's not required to give the lamb any pain relief before, during or after the procedure...even though it's apparent that the lamb does feel pain. Why does this happen? To help eliminate flystrike. Are there alternatives to help eliminate flystrike? Yup.

CJ's fibers are sourced from people who do not use this procedure. Maybe a little more difficult to find these farms, maybe the products are a little more expensive, but it's nice to know that she's trying to get products in her shop that she can proudly stand behind.

So, other than her ethical values, why do I appreciate her so much?

CJ has patiently answered numerous questions from me regarding all sorts of topics. I saw a collar that I wanted to make and she walked me through the process of tailspinning a yarn, helped me choose the right locks for the project, made a custom order for me, and offered to answer any further questions.

I've dealt with some people who are happy to make the sale, and are appreciative, but who are not available unless interest in spending more money is apparent. CJ makes you feel like you're a good friend. That means a lot.

Her stuff is gorgeous. Seriously. Check out her store. And she's willing to work with you, if she has the fiber, to make what you really need (or want).

And her business cards are pretty awesome. She puts that little bit of extra effort into everything she does.

For those reasons, and more, I will proudly continue to support eXtreme Spinning.

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